Promotional Opportunities

We are looking for someone to be our test subject for a coordinating Baby Girl's 1st Birthday Wardrobe. This set will include a personalized "1" shirt, diaper cover, party hat, bib and a matching tutu. We'll select the fabrics and colors. As our test subject you will receive all these items for $50, that's nearly half off what we plan to sell this set for. Please allow three weeks for this project to be completed.

We are also looking for someone to be a test subject for our Big Bro or Sis / Lil Bro or Sis matching shirts. At least one of the shirts needs to be for a boy and the smaller of the two will be on a onesie. These will be on white and promotional price is $36 for the set.
If you are interested in either of these please post a comment (won't be published).

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